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At Base 13 our passion is to help you to feel, move and look better.


 we are more than just a gym; we believe that a community built on like-mindedness, motivation, encouragement and shared experience is essential to achieving your goals. 


Our small group personal training sessions, which are brought to life through technical programming and expert coaching, allow members to feel like they are part of something bigger: our community. They offer the chance to build friendships, confidence, motivation and a shared love for fitness. 


Our member-focused approach ensures everything we do is driven by your personal needs and goals.



Together We Are Stronger.

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Our community culture makes fitness inclusive and fun. Our Small-group PT sessions give you focused support plus a motivating group dynamic.

expert coaching

our coaches are highly qualified to help real people get real results.  they will monitor and supply you every step of the way, both in and out of the gym

member focused

We don’t fill our gym with as many clients as possible at one time. We keep our numbers small, to ensure each client gets the attention and coaching required to achieve fantastic results.

 30 day experience

Our 30-day experience is the perfect way not only to test us, but test yourself.

no commitment, no tie ins

come and be a part of something special

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