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Online Nutrition Accelerator

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The Online Nutrition Accelerator (NA) course is a 6 week, online course aimed at accelerating your nutritional knowledge to provide you with the under-pinning principles and methods to help you achieve improved health and wellbeing alongside your body composition goals.  Whilst the Nutrition Accelerator aims to equip you with the tools needed to make significant, long-term changes to both your health and body composition, the NA is not a fast-track transformation programme. However, due to the methods and principles used throughout the course, you should see great progress and results.  The NA will include a preliminary Welcome Seminar which will take place before the main part of the course begins. Each week, you will be required to watch a seminar based on a variety of key topics, complete a short check-in questionnaire (with an optional follow-up call if needed), track your food intake through My Fitness Pal and hit a step target. There is also the option for regular Inbody composition measurements at the studio should you wish.

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