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Base 13 code of conduct

This code  of conduct outlines the conduct that Base 13 expects from all members and staff.

The code of conduct is there to help us protect all members from any form of abuse or harassment and to ensure that Base 13 is a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

Base 13 is responsible for making sure everyone who is a member of the gym or taking part in any of our activities has seen, understood and agrees to abide by this code of conduct at all times and that they understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviour.

We expect members who are associated with Base 13 to display appropriate behaviour at all times. This includes behaviour that takes place within the gym and in any of our online or social media groups.

As a member you agree to:


  • Respect peoples personal space and boundaries if someone makes it clear they feel uncomfortable

  • Ensure that you treat other members and coaches with respect - having due regard for their feelings, wishes or rights.

  • Refrain from commenting on other peoples appearances unless you are given permission to do so.

  • Respond immediately and appropriately if you are made aware that your actions and/or behaviour is making someone feel uncomfortable.

If you feel that another member is being made to feel uncomfortable, you will be supported by the coaching team should you wish to address this behaviour; however where possible, please inform a member of staff to investigate first.

If you have any concerns about a member’s behaviour, this should be reported to a member of staff and you will be fully supported with any concerns raised.

In such case, please direct any issues to either Henry Pinkrah or Vanessa Cacere. If neither are available and you wish to report something immediately, please alert another member of staff.

If there is an issue, you should come to a member of staff directly; however, should you feel more comfortable for someone else to speak on your behalf, please give them consent to do so.

Any allegations made against as another member or a member staff will be taken seriously and, if necessary, we will investigate further.

Any members who fail to follow this code of conduct will be held accountable as per our disciplinary procedures.

Verbal warning
Written warning
Membership suspended under investigation


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